10 Good Deeds in 10 Minutes

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As you may have heard, Mightycause is participating in efforts tied to World Hunger Day (October 16th). As Geoff Livingston writes,

“The philanthropic goal encourages people to participate in small acts like a social share or a $10 or $25 donation. These small acts do make a big difference. To give you an idea of how that plays out here:

  • — Just $10 feeds children.
  • — Just $25 feeds a child in need during school for a half year.”

To put that in perspective, $10 can cover about 2.5 Starbucks Lattes, and $25 could be a week of skipping Starbucks (with maybe a special latte on Friday to celebrate your donation).

In light of this campaign, I was thinking about how social media can make it so ridiculously easy to do good in the world. To prove my point, I’ve put together a list of ten great things you can do that will take at MAXIMUM ten minutes to complete all together.

Do you have ten minutes to spare out of your day? I bet you do.

Let’s see how many people we can get to do each of these ten little things. You know, a little drop of water doesn’t seem like much, but you add a tons more drops of water and you can end up with a lake or even an ocean. So, let’s create a tide of well-being and get these ten items done!

1. Donate a dollar to the World Food Programme.

When you donate, select “Provide school meals for children.” You just purchased four cups of nutritional food for students. Click here to donate.

2. Send a tweet or two about World Hunger Day on October 16th.

Mightycause has put together a blogger resource kit just for you!

3. Donate $20 to the UNHCR for Syrian refugees.

$20 is enough to provide 48 large blankets. Donate here and learn more!

4. Join the Facebook Page to stay updated on WTF Lung Cancer.

Click here and see how you can get involved with this great effort.

5. Watch a video from InvisiblePeople.TV and share it.

Mark Horvath has been traveling the country, letting the homeless record their stories so they can no longer be invisible. Watch a video and share it on Twitter and/or your Facebook page. Click here to see the stories come to life.

6. Share a message about the dangers of stalking.

Jodi’s Voice is an excellent organization shining the light on the danger and tragedy tied to stalking. Click here to copy and paste a message to Twitter and/or Facebook.

7. Donate $5 to pay for a gallon of gas for a woman in need.

Women with Drive provides women who are working on transitioning their lives to a better place with transportation. A donation of just $5 (about one of those Starbucks lattes) can help pay for a gallon of gas. Click here to donate.

8. Donate $5 to the Tutu Project.

The Tutu Project raises money for the Carey Foundation. For $5 you get to send a personalized postcard and contribute to the fight against breast cancer. Learn more here.

9. Click “Like” on the Mightycause Giving Facebook page.

If Mightycause gets up to 50,000 likes by the end of October, they will donate $10,000 to help fight breast cancer.

10. Post a link in the comments to a cause you want to raise awareness of.

Let’s do some crowdsourcing. Is your favorite cause not listed here? Add a link to them in the comments and tell us about what they do and how we can help.

So there you have it. Ten minutes, $31. Not too bad, right? You’ve done enough good deeds to last you a whole month. Go and enjoy a Starbucks to celebrate!

6 thoughts on “10 Good Deeds in 10 Minutes”

  1. I think this is a fantastic initiative, and I especially love the diversity of causes you are supporting and promoting in your list above! Thank you so much for being so socially active and providing a way for communities around the world to get involved!

      1. Margie! I didn’t even realize your were the brilliant author behind this post! ha! figures 🙂 Very well done. I love what Mightycause is supporting! Thank you for this list!

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