3 Ways To Still Thank Our Veterans

Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Army

Yesterday was a day of remembrance for our veterans, and soldiers in active duty who have fearlessly served our country to preserve the freedom we have. Today, many are spending time with their families on their day off, but as Americans we continue to honor those that have committed the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us.

It’s not too late to show your appreciation to our veterans for Veterans Day. Here are a few ideas of how you can show kindness to a veteran, and bring a smile to their face!

Social Shout-Outs

Use the tools at your fingertips to bring a smile to the faces of our veterans. If you’re friends with a veteran on Facebook, give them a warm shout-out. Some of my friends take the day to switch out their Facebook profile pictures to that of a soldier they know. You can also upload an image (there are plenty you can use online) that show gratitude to veterans. On Twitter, show your gratitude even if you don’t personally know a veteran; you can use popular conversation hashtags like #VeteransDay #HappyVeteransDay and #ThankOurHeroes to broadcast a general thank you too all our veterans. Be creative and don’t stay quiet!

In-Person Kindness

If your neighbor is a veteran, bring them something for dinner or invite them over for a meal tonight. Contact a local veterans organization, like a local American Legion branch, to see what you can do to help. Sometimes a donation would be helpful, or they may need a volunteer for an event they’re hosting. But most of the time, a friendly face around is a nice gift. If you have some time to spare this afternoon, stop by.

Love from Afar

This could be a crazy week for you–especially since Thanksgiving is next week!–so if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, check out this list of nonprofits helping veterans and make a donation. It’s quick, easy, and will surely go a long way. These organizations are taking good care of our veterans, and your donation will show our nation’s unending gratitude for their service.

How else can we honor those who’ve served our country?