November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month just wrapped up PinkGiving, a month-long breast cancer awareness campaign, where we achieved our goal of 50,000 Facebook Likes a whole 24 hours early! When the people were given a chance to make a big impact with their seemingly small act—a Facebook Like—they responded.

November is full of causes using this time to mobilize supporters, spread awareness, and fundraise. And when we saw the impact the PinkGiving campaign had in the breast cancer community, we felt this was something we had to do again: give people the opportunity to use the tools they had—like their smartphones and laptops—to bring about change.

So what is up to now? Lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths, and the second leading cause of all deaths in the U.S. Yet it is one of the most under-funded areas of research.

Lung cancer has a stigma attached to it; many people think those with it received it from smoking, and therefore, brought it upon themselves.

However, approximately 55% of those diagnosed never smoked or were former smokers. This indicates there are other causes of lung cancer, and one of the goals of this community is to support efforts, including early detection research, to find out what the causes are and how to stop lung cancer.

So, throughout this month, is supporting 4 lung cancer-related organizations. . . with your help!

Your Facebook Like can make an impact because when we reach 70,000 likes, will donate an even share of $2,500 to each of these nonprofits. That’s $10,000 for those organizations pushing towards a cure for lung cancer.

You can also sign up to win a Mightycause Giving Card—$500, $250, or $100— which you can use to donate to one of the 4 organizations or any 501(c)(3) of your choice.

These are the 4 organizations we’re supporting this month:

Please take this opportunity to give a voice to those with lung cancer. Click here.