The Joy in Generosity

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There can be joy in generosity, and unfortunately, many of us aren’t able to take the time to let that joy sink in when we do something for others. Sometimes, it feels like an ordinary transaction, but there’s something about the holidays that changes that.

Throughout this season, many of us sign up to volunteer or drop checks in the mail for our favorite charities. It’s a big part of the holiday cheer we all experience; and it’s proven that giving back, like in donating, can make us feel good, happy, or at minimum, satisfied.

That’s the reasoning behind the Joy of Giving campaign. We’ve partnered with three organizations—America SCORES, Humane Society of the US, and AmeriCares—to challenge you to help unlock a $21,000 donation that will be evenly shared among them. You can also vote for which one of the three you’d like to win an extra $7,000 donation. The nonprofit with the most votes by December 30th gets the bonus prize.

On top of that, you can enter to win a double prize-pack of Mightycause Giving Cards, which are like electronic gift cards you can use to donate to any one of the 1 million+ nonprofits listed on The double prize-packs come with two Mightycause Giving Cards—one for you, and another you can give to a friend.

How’s that for the spirit of giving?!

But even if you don’t win a prize pack, you can still spread the joy with the gift of giving. (Yes, you can gift generosity!) You pick the amount, and they get to pick which charity to donate it to. It’s a neat way to gift the gift of giving. You give, they give. Click this link to purchase your own.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, let’s challenge ourselves to be as generous as we can, but let’s also spread the joy we get in serving others.

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