World AIDS Day: Pinterest Roundup

Photo of London Eye by (RED)

The founders of the first World Aids Day back in 1988 chose December 1st for a good reason. Like 2012, it was an election year in the United States, and organizers concluded that December 1st was soon enough after the election to make World Aids Day newsworthy, but far enough away from the jam-packed holidays to not get lost in the next big news cycle.

Twenty-four years later, organizers are still reaping the rewards of their choice. Post-election, World Aids Day is getting good press and a number of interesting cause promotions are helping to drive awareness. Sadly, the ongoing spread of HIV/AIDS is also driving interest. The number of new HIV/AIDS cases in China have jumped 13% this year. Also, a new study here in the U.S. reports that half our young people have the HIV virus but don’t know it.

World Aids Day has earned its place on our calendar, and a number of companies are stepping up the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Leading the pack in business partnerships is Product (RED), which has raised $200 million dollars to fight HIV/AIDS in six African countries. (RED) boasts partnerships with some of the best brands on the planet, including Starbucks, Converse, Coca-Cola, and many others.

(RED) is marking World AIDS Day with a unique campaign called DANCE (RED), SAVE LIVES, which features an album from Tiësto, and a global livestream–powered by YouTube–from the Stereosonic Festival in Melbourne, Australia over the World AIDS Day weekend.

Condom maker Durex is out with a World AIDS Day campaign to give away 2.5 million condoms–the same number of people newly affected by AIDS over the past year. For each tweet with the hashtag #1share1condom, or for each share of this image or video on Facebook, Durex will donate a condom to sexual health organizations around the globe.

You can check out this and other World AIDS Day cause promotions on the Pinterest board I’ve created for World Aids Day.

By far the coolest thing happening on World AIDS Day are all the places in the world that will turn red to acknowledge the day. They include the Empire State Building, London Eye, City Hall in San Francisco, Sydney Opera House, and Table Mountain in Cape Town, to name a few.

From turning your tweets from black to red to cover photos for your Facebook page, Product (RED) has a bunch of ways for you to show your support for World AIDS Day.

But the best way to show the world you really are concerned about HIV/AIDS is to get tested. You can save lives by saving yourself first.

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