10 Ways Ten Bucks Can Make a Big Difference

Divina and Tyler fundraising for Rocket Dog Rescue in SF!

What does ten bucks buy anymore? Not much in the consumer world–in mine a couple lattes. But in the nonprofit world a $10 Mightycause Giving Card can make a huge difference. That’s why I’m giving everyone on my holiday list a $10 Mightycause Giving Card with this list of ten ways their donation could help a great cause.

1. Save a Life

For ten dollars, the American Heart Association can train 200 people to give CPR and use a defibrillator that could save a life in a medical emergency.

2. Feed a Family

Every dollar you donate to Long Island Cares, The Harry Chapin Food Bank, buys $6 of food for New York families that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

3. Save the Rain Forest

A ten dollar donation to the Arbor Day Foundation will preserve a 2,500 square foot area of rain forest. Having just finished Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, it’s important that we protect the lungs of the world as much as we protect our own.

4. Keep History Alive

According to Plimouth Plantation, the Massachusetts “living history” site that reenacts the lives of Pilgrim settlers, ten dollars will tar the roping (the hemp rope used in early ships needed to be tarred to protect it from the ocean air) on the Mayflower II, the replica of the legendary ship that arrived in the new world in 1620.

5. Feed an Abandoned Dog

The Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois will put your ten dollars to good use. It will feed a dalmatian for one week while the rescue search for a safe and happy home.

6. Stop Malaria

A ten dollar donation to NothingButNets.net will buy an insecticide-treated net and cover the cost to educate a family on how to use it correctly. Sadly, a child dies from malaria every ten seconds.

7. Provide Companionship

Pets-DC exists to help people with HIV/AIDS care for their pets. Faced with a serious, expensive disease, pet owners must sometimes choose between their health and a beloved pet. That’s when Pets-DC in our nation’s capital can help. A ten dollar donation will buy a bag of food for a client’s cat or dog.

8. Give a Bedtime Story

A donation of ten dollars to First Book will buy four new books for bedtime reading!

9. Help an Injured Soldier

As part of Soldiers to Summit, you can help an injured vet on his or her journey to summit Mt. Cotopaxi, the second highest peak in Ecuador (elevation 19,347 feet). Your ten dollars can help the expedition move ten feet closer to its goal. Act now! The group is aiming to summit Mt. Cotopaxi by December 10th.

10. Give the Gift of Sight

Your gift of $10 to Seeing is Believing will provide ten reading glasses, or one pair of prescription glasses, to a Cambodian man or woman. Glasses have special significance in Cambodia as the former dictator, Pol Pot, killed millions, including “intellectuals” who were murdered simply because they wore glasses. Seeing is Believing is giving sight and hope to a new generation of Cambodians.

Here’s another thing you can see clearly now: a ten dollar donation to a good cause can make a big difference. You can buy your Mightycause Giving Cards here!

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