Tickr: Showcase Your Story, Showcase Your Skills

Photo by L.Bo

You’re passionate about your cause, and knowing what’s going on relevant to your mission along with how you can pivot to meet new challenges is key to the success of your NPO. The faster you can embrace information, the faster you can react to it, right? Easy enough to say, but wouldn’t it be great if there was actually a tool that could help you absorb and react to information in real-time and immediately insert your organization into the conversation? Moreover, what if, after using that tool, you could tell a story about how your efforts resulted in success for your organization?  That would almost sound too good to be true. Well…

NPOs, Meet Tickr!

Tickr is a software company that has just launched a new product called Command Center, a program that allows you to monitor several different social media platforms for keywords or phrases that are important to you. For a nice recap just check out this video.

What does this all mean for you? Here’s a really quick screen capture of a search I did using the free version of this product. Let’s say your mission is to help international refugees who are currently stranded in refugee camps. A simple search quickly reveals the fountain of information available to you:

Not too bad, right? As news breaks about refugee situations, you see it, you can share content relevant to that news, join conversations, and strategize to see how you can achieve what your organization wants to accomplish.

The Contest

Now here’s the really cool news for you. This contest that Tickr is running is all about you using their new software at no charge to try to reach a goal. If you do, you can submit a case study to them, and the winning case study gets to continue to use this powerful software at no cost for a year. Not only that, but since your success story will be publicized, you’ll have an opportunity to capitalize on a lot of positive attention coming to your organization.

As the contest summary blog post notes, as an NPO you could use this opportunity to explore areas you need to dominate more, how Tickr helped you plan a campaign to attack a particular issue, or how you used Tickr to track a campaign that created excellent results for your organization.

Social Media Can Amplify Your Efforts

Social media can be intimidating, and trying to stay up on the news and social media updates important to your cause can take a lot of time. But it does not HAVE to be that way. You’re doing great work already!

Social Media can enable you to have more reach, a bigger voice, and a greater impact. A tool like Tickr can help you better understand what that reach, what that voice, and what that impact look like.

Give this contest a try. See what you can accomplish or what you can build. The worst case scenario is that you learn something. That’s not such a bad proposition.

Are you going to give it a go? We’d love to cheer you on, so let us know!