Why Lateral Targeting Matters

You’ve been posting really interesting content on Facebook and Twitter, and have gotten a fair amount of shares and retweets.

But lately it seems like things are plateauing. Maybe you’ve run out of ideas. Or maybe your fans want something different – something more.

If this sounds like you, you might might need to take a different approach with your fans. Literally.

Horizontal versus Lateral Targeting

When you post Facebook updates that are exclusively about your cause, you are approaching your fans vertically (like in the image above).

This is important because after all, they expressed an interest in your cause by liking your Page.

But you’ve got to remember that your fans and followers are people first. And they have a lot of other interests outside your cause.

This is why you want to approach them laterally as well (like in the image above).

This means posting content that’s outside the topic domain of your cause, but still relevant and interesting.

What do you think?