An Unacceptable Problem: Homeless Children

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Mark Horvath of has more experience with homelessness than one man deserves. As the founder of his nonprofit, he works daily with the homeless and was himself homeless.

The plight of homeless children is particularly troubling for Mark. The problem is large and serious.

  • Nearly two million youths experience homelessness each year.
  • 100,000 youths sleep on the streets for six months or more.
  • Forty percent of homeless youths are children under age five.

To highlight the problem, Mark has embarked on a seven-city tour to capture the stories of homeless youth with videos you can watch on

Fortunately, this is one trip Mark doesn’t have to make alone. and Virgin Mobile USA will be joining him in the effort to help homeless youth.

Beginning September 16th and running through September 23, $7 of every purchase made on– from one-of-a-kind branded T-shirts and hoodies for adults and children created by up-and-coming artists, to lifestyle products like accessories and home décor – will go to The RE*Generation, Virgin Mobile USA’s seven-year old charitable initiative.

Through this partnership, and RE*Generation will bring together organizations that are dedicated to helping homeless youth, connecting them with people who want to help and giving them a chance to succeed.  Virgin Mobile USA will provide a matching donation of up to $50,000.

“I understand where these kids are coming from,” explained Mark. “I was homeless myself, but with the help and kindness of others, I was able get out of my dire situation.”

“We owe our homeless youth a chance and much more,” said Mark. “These kids need compassion, guidance and care.”

Thanks to, and The RE*Generation, America’s homeless youth will get what they deserve.