Finally, A "Pinktober" Fundraiser That’s Growing On Me

I’m already missing the summer months. I’m an avid gardener and I had a wonderful flower garden this year. You know when everything clicks? That was me this past summer. I live outside of Boston, and we got a nice balance of rain and sun so everything came up roses. But don’t take my word for it. Check out my “Yarden” pictures on Pinterest.

I know part of my success was in the plants I used. I use Proven Winners when I can and follow them on Pinterest and Twitter for inspiration and advice. I also like Proven Winners because they are as committed to cause marketing as they are to growing quality plants.

In 2009 the grower introduced a pink hydrangea called Invincibelle Spirit. Proven Winners didn’t call this hydrangea “Invincible” just because it’s a tough plant, which it is. They gave it the name to honor those affected by breast cancer and to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I’m generally not a big fan of “Pinktober,” and some breast cancer organizations that profit from selling people fried chicken in pink buckets. But this promotion with a flowering shrub that will bloom year after year strikes me as one of the better promotions.

Consumers must agree because the Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea has raised $645,000 since its introduction in 2009. Proven Winners’ goal is to raise a million dollars. A dollar from the sale of each plant supports BCRF. They’ve also organized Pink Days at garden centers across the United States and Canada. Proven Winners even created a Pink Day Planner to help centers organize fundraisers and fun events for shoppers.

I don’t believe you should buy a cause product just because it supports a cause. After all, only a modest percentage of the retail price will benefit the cause. The product itself should be worthy of purchase in its own right. I can speak first hand to the quality of Proven Winner plants. The hydrangea has as many merits and will be a good addition to your garden.

First, a hydrangea is the best kind of flowering shrub. It thrives in part sun to sun so it’s suitable for many yards and gardens (or yarden as I call my yard/garden). It will grow to around 48 inches, which makes a nice foundation plant around your house. It also blooms from spring through summer, and doesn’t need a lot of water.

Second, hydrangeas–especially this one–are very easy to maintain. There’s no deadheading, and at the end of the growing season I cut mine to the ground. In the spring it blooms all over again. According to Proven Winners, you don’t even need to watch the pH level of the soil (which is not the case with other colored hydrangea) because the pink color of this hydrangea isn’t affected by it.

This a beautiful plant that supports a good cause. And unlike many “pink” promotions it has no thorns. It passes my smell test.