3 Cause Promotions to Put You in the Holiday Mood

Photo via zizzybaloobah on Flickr

The holidays are fun but they can be exhausting. A lot needs to get done in the next few weeks. That’s why now is a good time to charge your batteries with three cause promotions that are fun, interesting, and GOOD.

Jeweler Gives Couples a Good Reason to Smooch

E. B. Horn, a well known jeweler in my hometown of Boston, has a cause promotion that couples everywhere can support. When you pucker up and post the photo to Instagram, Twitter, or on the jeweler’s Facebook page with the hashtag #EBHolidayKiss, E. B. Horn will donate between $10 and $5,000 to Boston Children’s Hospital League. A fun, local angle on this promotion is the E. B. Horn street team that is visiting places throughout the city with their own mistletoe to encourage kissing and donations.

Duracell Powers Christmas Fun

What’s a toy without batteries? “It’s like the ocean without the waves . . . or rain without the rainbow . . . or a strawberry without the daiquiri.” That’s what Duracell ambassador Ellen DeGeneres said at the battery maker’s launch of this year’s Power a Smile program. With the help of consumers, Duracell will donate a million batteries to Toys for Tots so kids everywhere can have a happy Christmas morning. To trigger a battery donation to Toys for Tots, consumers can simply purchase an eligible Duracell Quantum or CopperTop battery pack at any retailer. Duracell will donate one battery for each Duracell Quantum AA 12 or CopperTop AA 16 pack purchased, from now until Dec. 27.

Welch’s Passes on Good Will with Pass the Glass

This holiday promotion is sure to make you smile! The juice-people at Welch’s are encouraging customers to make a Vine video of someone picking up a glass, taking a sip, then passing it to the left. When they post it on Twitter with the hashtag #sharewhatsgood the video appears on a web site where the videos are shown side-by-side. On a website for the promotion, which began Tuesday, those videos appear side-by-side on a grid, with the juice appearing to be passed along from video to video. Andrew Newman at the New York Times explains the benefit, but the bottom-line is that needy families are supported over the holidays.

Did I put you in a good mood for the holidays? If a kiss, a charge, or a drink––all for a good cause––doesn’t put a smile on your face, you might be worse off than I thought, and look like this guy!