6 New Twitter Followers for Do-Gooders

Photo via the past tends to disappear on Flickr

My first post of 2013 was 3 Steps to Using Twitter to Gather Nonprofit News. Nearly a year later it’s still a useful post with some great suggestions on how to stay informed – minute to minute – on nonprofit happenings.

But man and woman do not live by cause alone. I learn a lot from reading the tweets of people in different fields and industries. So will you. Here are the people I follow on Twitter that cross-pollinate my cause writing and ideas. When the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, you’ll want to ring in the new year with them.

@JayBaer: Jay is a hype-free marketing genius who’s written a great new book called Youtility. If you don’t believe me, start with his website ConvinceandConvert.com where you can read some great articles on marketing, social media, content marketing and blogging.

How to start your year out right: Read this recent post fro Jay: The Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media. Also, you can pick up the Kindle version of Jay’s new book for just ten bucks at Amazon.

@BevNetCraven: John Craven is a beverage guru who’s showing me the ins and outs of his industry, and its connection to cause marketing.

How to start your year out right: Read this post on how a local brewery and firefighters worked together to help the family of a fallen colleague with a purpose beverage.

@JohnHaydon: Facebook and social media smarty pants. He’s also a fellow Mightycause Foundation writer. My twal since I joined Twitter five years ago!

How to start the year out right: Does Facebook still mystify you? Pick up the latest edition of John’s Facebook Marketing for Dummies. Now in its fourth edition, the book has been meticulously updated by John. And when you combine it with visits to John’s website, you’ll soon be as smart as John is (well, almost!).

@JeffHasen: Mobile is the future of, well, everything. Jeff will keep you informed and entertained with the latest mobile trends. This is the Twitter handle to watch in 2014.

How to start the year out right: The more I read about iBeacon the more excited I get about it. Read this post and keep an open Twitter search on “iBeacon” so you can follow the latest news on this emerging technology and how your nonprofit can use it.

@JuliaCSocial: Do you love Pinterest? So do I! After my blog and Twitter, Pinterest is the place I hang out most. Julia is my go-to person for all things Pinterest. She’s pin worthy!

How to start the year out right: Every chapter of my new book has a QR Code that links it to a companion Pinterest board. You don’t need the book to access the boards. You can see them here. Look for my book hashtag #FWB40. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next fundraiser, including Pinterest fundraisers, you’ll find it here.

@AaronStrout: As the co-author of Location Based Marketing for Dummies, Aaron has introduced me to everything from Foursquare to QR Codes to iBeacon. Every nonprofit should be focused on location-based marketing. Following Aaron makes it easy.

How to start the year out right: Aaron is a regular contributor to MarketingLand.com. Catch up on the past year by reading every one of his posts. Look ahead to 2014 by reading his Mobile/Location-Based Marketing Predictions For 2014 From 10 Experts

This is my list of good people to follow on Twitter who don’t work directly in the do-good industry. Who’s on yours?