5 Steps to Facebook Success in 2014

Over the past two months, Facebook has flipped your world upside down again.

First, Facebook started putting the squeeze on reach for Page updates, clearly stating that “the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it”.

Then they announced the rollout of a donate button, which was received a lukewarm welcome from the nonprofit tech world, who are pushing for Facebook to offer an Ad Grants program.

Fortunately, there is one thing that will always remain the same, despite the rate that Facebook changes. And that one thing is people.

People haven’t changed a very basic level for tens of thousand of years, and probably won’t change for at least another ten thousand.

People need to know, like and trust you to a certain degree before they:

  1. Join your email list
  2. Like your Facebook Page
  3. Retweet your blog post
  4. Share your event
  5. Attend your event
  6. Give you money
  7. Tell their friends

Following are strategies you need to focus on, regardless of how much Facebook changes:

1. Ask your fans what they care about

Your Facebook Page is a platform where you have conversations with your supporters. They’re people who are passionate about your cause – and they want to be heard!

Ask them how you can be more useful, how you can be more effective, and how you can create more entertaining events.

This can seem scary at first, but just remember that your fans are only as responsive as you are.

If you’re not sure where to start,  try removing hurdles and asking a few very specific questions.

2. Appreciate and recognize your fans

One of the best ways to get noticed on Facebook is to recognize, reward and appreciate your fans.

One way you can express appreciation is to state it simply: “We have the best Facebook fans on the planet!” (notice how many comments you get after that update).

Or you could highlight a specific fan, which ironically makes all your fans feel appreciated. They think: “Wow, look at how this business treats their fans (which includes me)!”.

3. Consistently post every day

You’re using Facebook to get people interested in your cause, and motivate them to take action. Every single step they take along this path requires trust.

And there’s nothing that obliterates trust more than being inconsistent.

For example, if during the first month of using Facebook you post three times a day and quickly respond to questions, and the next month you disappear, fans will begin to question not only your commitment on Facebook, but also your commitment to the cause.

So build trust by staying organized and consistent, and post updates at least once a day.

4. Measure and monitor

Always measure cause and effect.

Facebook Insights is a compass that will tell you how far away you are from your destination, which way to turn, and when you’ve arrived. Watch this video tutorial on using Facebook Page Insights.

Facebook Insights can also show you how to fine-tune your content strategy.

5. Embrace perpetual beta

It’s smart to assume that other nonprofits are aggressively competing for your community’s attention on Facebook.

They’re using custom apps, Facebook ads, and well-planned content marketing tactics. And the best ones know that failing is often the only way to get better results.

View everything that you do on Facebook as a draft – a never-ending beta. When you do this, you get both a real education about what actually works on Facebook, and more results in the process.

What would you add?

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