Get People to Promote Your Fundraiser with These Tips

No matter how nicely you ask, and how often you ask, getting people to share your fundraiser with their friends can often feel like pulling teeth.

Your community loves what you do, but they’re busy. And they’re distracted.

So how do you get people to share your fundraiser?

Here are four tips to encourage more sharing:

1. Let the Community Create the Content

Most of the auto-play videos on Facebook are from people, not pages. This means that you need to create campaigns that encourage your community to post pictures and videos.

Facebook timeline contests are an easy way to do this. So are Instagram campaigns.

2. Give Them The Tools to Share Your Fundraiser

Chances are you already have a growing number of supporters that talk you up at parties, on Twitter and on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook Page, get one.

If you have a lot of supporters using Twitter, set up camp there too. Finally, make your fundraising platform is easy to share before and after people make a donation.

3. Huddle up with your 1%

If you haven’t already, begin to identify your core fundraisers—your champions, your lifers.

Create a private Facebook Group to help deepen your connection with these folks. Learn from them by inviting them to help brainstorm and plan future campaigns. This way, when it’s time to launch your next fundraiser, they’ll be ready to go!

4. Boost Your Best

There’s no denying it, Facebook is change the game for all marketers. But this doesn’t mean you have to pay for ads that get zero results.

Only promote posts that get that have a higher than average engagement rate (compare to your other posts). This will increase the likelihood that you’re advertising dollars will actually result in more organic engagement.

What makes you share?