Know Your Work Matters

Your Work Matters

There’s more to fundraising than dollars and sense. There’s the reason why you do it. If you can’t find the reason you do what you do–or perhaps you’re feeling burnout–know your work matters. In the case you need a reminder, see how your work benefits your benefactors, your friends and family and your community.

Your Work Impacts Your Benefactors

  • Without the work you do, some people and organizations wouldn’t have certain needs met or be granted certain opportunities.
  • Just by doing what you’re doing–despite the final outcome–the fact that you’re doing it, shows your benefactors that they matter.
  • By letting others know what you’re doing and about the cause you’re supporting, you help raise awareness about the issue. And action starts with awareness.

Your Work Impacts Your Friends and Family

  • When you put something else above yourself, it not only sends a message about an important cause. It shows others how to serve, be humble and help others. This is an important lesson for anyone to learn–especially if you have kids.
  • You can be a change agent in your own circle of trust. It can be overwhelming watching the news on TV and believe that you can make a difference. But you can, and it can start with those you see everyday.
  • You help those close to you believe in the heart of a person and the power of people to come together and do good. When they need something to hope for, they will remember you–even if it’s the smallest act of kindness.

Your Work Impacts Your Community

  • Your work makes a statement. It tells the world that the good fight is worth fighting for. And truth is, we need more soldiers fighting the good fight. Don’t give up.
  • Your work is a part of something greater. By fighting the good fight, you’re part of a global community that works to help others and make a difference. If the road gets tough, remember you aren’t alone.
  • Your work will live on. Because if you impact one person’s life, that good you share will ripple and others will be inspired to do good, and it helps others thanks to your goodwill.

Lastly, if you know someone working to support a cause, cheer them on. They need you–and not just when it comes to dollars raised or volunteers needed. They need your encouragement, your advice, your bended ear and your help. Help them, and knowing that your work is doing so, also matters.

flickr credit: petalouda62