10 Must-Have Social Media Primers

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Earlier this week we highlighted 10 must have social media primers for nonprofits gearing up for Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington. A wide range of topics are included from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn to general primers and influencer approaches. It’s all covered, and hopefully you will find it valuable, too! What social media primers would you add to the list?

1) We Are Media Project: This wiki was set up by Beth Kanter and NTEN as a means to coach nonprofits through the life cycle of social media, from beginner to the end. It is a fantastic resource for any nonprofit communicator or executive engaging in social media.

2) Nonprofits on Facebook: Get Started: A good starting place for Facebook, the social network lays out how to set up, and the features available to nonprofits. For its best practices suggestions, Facebook refers nonprofits to this presentation.

3) How Nonprofits Can Maximize Engagement on Facebook: Looking for more? Start here with Mashable’s Nonprofit primer on Facebook. There are links at the bottom to additional Facebook resources. In addition, Socialbrite offers an ongoing blog with regular Facebook tips.

4) YouTube’s Nonprofit Tips Sheet: This page helps you set up a Nonprofit Channel on YouTube. Extremely helpful with best practices this page also provides tips on what works best to effectively make a video that works.

5) Twitter 101 for Nonprofits: A fantastic powerpoint presentation by the Blackbaud social media team, this presentation walks through Twitter for beginners, from what the site is to how to use it.

6) Community Organizing Rules for Twitter: Curated on Beth Kanter’s page, this blog post offers ten tips on how to develop real communities and relationships on Twitter. We like this because it focuses on sustainable long-term relationships on Twitter.

7) Social Media Best Practices: 12 Tips: Another Blackbaud entry, this time 12 tips on how to make the best of any social media site. Some great general best practices here to help voices, as well as remind experts on what makes a great social media presence.

8) Five Ways to Engage Online Ambassadors: This post was created last week to provide pragmatic tips on how to engage online influencers and/or ambassadors. If you’d like to understand more on how influencers work online, please read Machine Gunners and Gardeners, which compares and contrasts traditional PR approaches with grassroots methods.

9) How to Turn Slacktivists into Activists: A Mashable post authored by yours truly 18 months ago, this post looks at how to move online interactions beyond simple likes or a one-time donation. The goal is to cultivate new relationships through the ladder of engagement.

10) LinkedIn Learning Center for Nonprofits: This site has all sorts of tips and ideas for nonprofits who are looking to optimize their LinkedIn presence. Examples and how-tos make the tips incredibly valuable.

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  1. Andrea Berry, Idealware

    What about Idealware’s newly updated Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide with a full strategy workbook in the back? u00a0Not to toot our own horn, but we think you should give it a look-u00a0http://idealware.org/reports/nonprofit-social-media-decision-guide

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