LinkedIn Introduces New Insights Dashboard for Groups

Earlier this year, we discussed how LinkedIn can help you inspire generosity. Recently, LinkedIn announced its new Statistics Dashboard for LinkedIn groups. The new feature was launched on ALL groups and is visible by ALL LinkedIn members–meaning you don’t have to be a member of a specific group to access the analytics dashboard.

Refreshingly, the stats offered aren’t just to help group admins. They also serve to help people assess a group’s potential value to the LinkedIn member. The new dashboard offers insights based on three main focus areas: demographics, growth, and activity.


This panel provides information about the types of members in the group. You can view the level of group members’ seniority, the function of their work, where they are located and the industry they work in.


This panel shows how your group has grown over time. It shows the number of new members, the current number of members, and the group’s growth.


The activity highlights how members interact. It shows the number of comments and discussion posts to the group. It also shares the number of jobs and promotions group members have received in the past week.

The data provided is updated daily. Going from no data to this visual display of information is a huge step forward. Having access to up-to-date data is also nice. What would be great, is to be able to manipulate the data by being able to select a date range such as the last week, the last month or the last quarter. That said, the new dashboard will help group admins and members better understand the value in both managing and joining groups. This new update is also the latest milestone in LinkedIn’s continued growth.

What do you think of LinkedIn’s new group dashboard?

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