10-Year Evolution of the Online Donor

Network for Good celebrated their tenth anniversary by publishing an infographic about how donors have evolved over that past ten years.

Like Mightycause and Blackbaud, Network for Good has produced an infographic that is truly useful. It presents data that can you help make a case for online fundraising initiatives at your nonprofit.

Giving Online is Now the Norm

The number of people donating online has increased more than 1,600%–from 4% in 2001 to 65% in 2011. Today the minority is people who haven’t donated online. People no longer have concerns about whether a website is secure or not, and online tools have made the process seamless. Last week I made a donation with Mightycause in just two mouse clicks!

Disaster Relief is Still King

Over 13 million Americans gave online after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. That was in 2005–before Facebook! Fast forward to March 2011 where 39 million Americans between ages 18 and 39 donated money to the relief efforts via web or mobile device after the Tsunami struck Japan. This growth was fueled in part by broad adoption of online technology and strategic partnerships like the one between the Red Cross and Apple.

Social Media as a Tool for Change

In 2001 people asked “What’s Social Media?” In 2011, more and more people are using Facebook, Twitter and blogs to get the word out about causes they care about. This year we’ve seen people overthrow dictators using social media, and are have witnessed just the tip of a growing #occupy movement.

What were you doing in 2001?

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