11 Tips to Amplify Your Org's YouTube Channel

YouTube is conducting a one-day educational workshop in San Francisco on April 2nd to help nonprofits get more from their use of YouTube. It’s open to all organizations that are part of the YouTube Nonprofit Program.

“We want to help non-profits turn their view counts into actions — dollars raised, petitions signed,” YouTube spokesperson Jessica Mason told Mashable.

Now if you’re not anywhere near San Francisco, you may want to consider attending the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference (4/2 through 4/5) and arriving a day early to attend YouTube Next Cause.

Jessica also shared four tips to build an audience on YouTube:

  1. Reply to comments on your video.
  2. Give commenters an action step (sign a petition, share video).
  3. Regularly upload videos. I would add that consistency is as important as frequency. As your community builds, they eventually have expectations about how often they’ll see a video.
  4. Don’t equate video content with big budgets. Invisible People and The Uncultured Project create very effective videos on a shoestring budget.

Why You Want to Join the YouTube Program

If your organization hasn’t joined YouTube’s Nonprofit Program (part of Google’s nonprofit program), you should and here’s why:

  1. A branded YouTube channel. Here’s a plain vanilla YouTube channel, and here’s a branded channel. Notice the clickable header image at the top?
  2. Ability to place a Call to Action overlay on your videos to raise money or find volunteers. Normally, links in videos can only link to other YouTube videos or channels, but when you join the nonprofit program, you can annotate your video with links directly to your website.
  3. You’ll also get listed on the Nonprofit videos page which gives your videos even more exposure!

Four more tips on getting more from YouTube

  1. Be smart about your video’s title and description. YouTube is the biggest video search engine on the planet. When people use Google and filter by video, YouTube is at the top of those results. Describe your video with words your supporters use–not the jargon you hear in your board meetings.
  2. Add your website URL to the beginning of each video description. It’ll be the first thing people see right under your video, and it’s clickable.
  3. Feature your best videos in your channels sidebar by creating playlists. Create playlists based on topics but also create a playlist at the top of the left-hand sidebar of your top-viewed videos. When people visit your channel, these videos will get even more views!
  4. Post links to your videos on other social media channels. Almost everyone who uses Twitter and Facebook also uses YouTube. Create more eyeballs for your channel by posting links on Twitter and on your Facebook Page.

How is your org using YouTube?

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