How To: Create a Facebook Fan Page

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You may find it child’s play or absolutely painless to indulge in time-gripping conversations, updating the status or liking a friend’s post on Facebook, but running a business page can rather be intimidating for many people.

Though there are ways that could assist you with the development, questions such as “Where do I start?” or”What should I incorporate?” always tend to buzz. However, if you happen to belong to the stated lot, we’ve got some help for you.

Below are ways to help you to create a successful fan page on the world’s largest social network.

1. Choose the Right Classification

To begin with, Facebook provides you with six different classifications to cater to diversified needs. You can choose between Local Business or Place, Entertainment, Cause of Community, and Brand or Product. There will also be a choice of creating a page with classifications entitled under Artist, Band or Public Figure, and Company, Institution or Organization.

Once you have decided on a classification, fill your business name. Remember: the name and category cannot be altered once the page has been developed. Make sure to type it in carefully.

2. Complete Basic Information

For the main visual representation of your Facebook Business Page, upload a photo that harmonizes with your purpose, like your logo. Facebook will then ask you to invite your personal Facebook friends. Also fill in your basic organizational information, including your website’s URL, and a brief introduction or bio about your nonprofit in the “About” section.

Under the Settings, be sure to have all the important boxes checked or unchecked, and the right Page Administrators added.

3. Publish!

Once you have the basic fields completed and a few images uploaded (most importantly, your fan page picture), you’re ready to publish! Once you hit this button, remember that your organization is committed to keeping it updated for your fans, and continually engaging with them (no one-way monologues allowed).

4. Take Advantage of Features

Facebook has always been known for diversified, interesting features. Facebook has a Facebook Pages fan page with ideas on how you can promote your page. From your new fan page, you can invite your friends to like it, add social plugins to your blog or website linking to it, or even purchase Facebook ads to reach a broader audience.

Facebook also revamped their analytics tool a few months ago, so take advantage of the in-depth comprehensive Insights tool to see what kinds of posts create the most engagement on your page.

5. Throw in some original ideas

Now that you have created and shared your Facebook fan page, it’s time to play around with it. Try to come up with some interesting, original ideas on how to present your organization online.

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