Is it over with Pinterest?

The online community has been full of chatter the past couple days about the latest Pinterest usage report. The numbers show users dropping off this month after a slow growth in March, meanwhile articles and blog posts about Pinterest went up. (I guess this post counts as one of those too, huh?)

So the question many people are asking is if this is the beginning of the end for Pinterest. And you may be asking yourself, “I just got on Pinterest and now it’s going away?!” Well, don’t panic.

The Room Isn’t Empty Yet

Pinterest still has a network of active users; this means there are plenty of people, with certain interests, still there. Since the beginning, Pinterest has had a tight niche, specific demographic of users, so if those people are the same ones your nonprofit is trying to reach, then you still have a crowd to talk to.

Ups and Downs

There are ups and downs in all sorts of online communities, but if the folks over at Pinterest come up with something that reinvigorates the platform—or some Internet magic happens—users could pick it up again.

It’s Good Practice

In social media, you can’t go wrong trying out the new platforms, seeing how they work, and interacting with people on there. The online world is always changing, so spending some time getting to know a platform (even if it goes away) can keeps you in the loop with the latest trends across the board.

May Be Too Soon to Tell

The report is about April’s drop-off, so it may be too soon to tell what lies ahead for Pinterest. In the end, it’s the users—like us—who decide, right?

What do you think of the latest Pinterest news?