4 Guest Blogger Credentials

Photo by skippyjon

Inviting others to guest post on your blog can help improve the quality and quantity of content you offer your community. But asking the wrong person to guest post could get in the way of you getting there.

If you’re thinking of inviting someone to guest post on your nonprofit’s blog, or even invite them to write an article for your upcoming newsletter or other publication, take the following list of good blogger characteristics into consideration.

Excellent Writing Skills

With everything that’s already on your plate, the last thing you should worry about is the need to edit to the point of almost rewriting the guest post you receive. If you can choose, pick someone whose writing you’ve seen before, perhaps in articles or other blogs, so you’re familiar with their style of writing.

Responsive With Deadlines

If you’re working on tight deadline, look for someone who you’ve worked with before that has been reliable, so you don’t have to worry to scramble for any last-minute posts. But, as we all know, life gets in the way, so even with your most reliable on-time bloggers, it’s good to have a backup post you can publish quickly just in case.

Subject Matter Expert

Your community is smart and they are looking unto you for expertise, so they will see through you if you post something weak, questionable, or even wrong. Be sure your guest blogger is a subject matter expert in line with your organization’s values and mission, so your blog is sure to provide your community with great content that will benefit them.


Along with your guest blogger’s expertise is their reputation. Depending on your editorial mission, a knowledgeable person with a bad reputation in your community could do more harm than good. Try to find people that will add to the credibility your organization is creating.

What other characteristics of guest bloggers do you consider before inviting them to post for your blog?