50 Back Beer Brews Support for Veterans' Charities

Photo by 50 Back

For Kimberly Rogers and Paige Haley it was all about two loves. First, their love of country and the men and women that protect it. The second was beer. They combined the two and started 50 Back Beer: The Brew of the Brave. This American lager gives 50% of its net profits back to five organizations that support America’s troops. The charities include the USO and Homes for Our Troops.

For Kimberly, 50 Back began more as a family affair. Her dad, Robert, served in the military and was a home brewer. After he passed away, Kimberly was looking for ways to honor and remember him. In 2010, Paige and she started 50 Back.

Two years later, the beer can be found on store shelves in four states: Massachusetts (their home state and mine, of course), Maine, North Carolina, and Texas. To date, 50 Back has donated nearly $12,000 to five charities. Running a cause business has its share of challenges, including teaching store owners and consumers what 50 Back is all about.

“We have to do a lot of explaining,” said Kimberly. “People ask, ‘You raise money to help the troops but you’re not a 501(c)3. How does that work?'”

Kimberly and Paige say questions turn to surprise after people try the beer.

“For some reason, people don’t expect it to taste very good,” said Paige. “They view it as a donation,” added Paige. “Fortunately, there’s no tradeoff. It’s a great beer for a great cause.”

50 Back has quickly adopted the latest technology to help spread the word and raise more money. Coasters and promotional materials include a QR Code that customers can scan to buy a beer for a soldier for $1.99. Unfortunately, your mobile carrier gets half the donation. But the larger mission is achieved. A soldier gets a beer, often hand delivered by the team at 50 Back.

When you scan the QR Code, be sure to note 50 Back’s cool and functional mobile page. To ensure it was easy to use, I let my 12-year old go through the steps and buy a solider a beer on my iPhone. Sadly, it wasn’t as easy afterward to explain my decision to her mother!

Unfamiliar with QR codes and unsure how your nonprofit can use them? This one is on me!

Kimberly and Paige are focused on helping soldiers, their families, and growing their business. They want to see 50 Back in all 50 states. So do I. Brewed to support the soldiers that fight for our freedom, this beer is made by the brave, for the brave.

Scan the QR Code with your mobile device and buy a solider a beer!