19 Things You Didn't Know You Could Measure on Facebook

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Imagine driving around Boston without a map or a GPS device. We’re talking about a city where cows did all the planning of roads, intersections, and highways. You’d get lost in no time.

Like a GPS device in Boston, Facebook Insights help point you towards marketing success on Facebook.

Facebook Insights provides critical data about activity around your Facebook Page, such as when someone Likes your Page, and activity around your Page updates, such as when users comment on or Like one of your Page stories.

Facebook breaks down its analytics into five canned reports that are available for all Pages:

  1. The Overview Report: An overview of how your Page is performing day to day, with sortable post-level details.
  2. The Likes Report: A report about the Facebook users who Like your Page.
  3. The Reach Report: A report about the users who see your Page content (organic, viral, and paid reach), what websites are referring traffic to your Page, and more.
  4. The “Talking About This” Report: A report about the users who create content about your Page, and how those stories generate viral reach.
  5. The Check-Ins Report: A report about the users who check in to your Facebook Place on their mobile device.

19 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Measure With Facebook Insights

The five reports listed above provide more than enough data to navigate towards most destinations.

However, there are times when you want more insight around your Page, such as how users are interacting with your content. This is precisely why Facebook allows you to do a full data dump (up to an 89-day range).

The following are examples of some of the data points unavailable in the Insights reports that you can view by exporting data:

Page-Level Data:

  1. The number of people each day who saw your Page content
  2. The number of people each day who engaged with your Page
  3. The number of people each week who engaged with your Page
  4. The number of stories each day created about your Page
  5. The number of stories created about your Page over the past 28 Days
  6. The number of people each day who liked your Page who are also friends with current fans
  7. A breakdown of how people have liked your Page each day (through a like box, on the page, in a hover card, etc.)
  8. The number of people each day who saw your Page or its posts from a story published by a friend
  9. The number of times each day or each week that were seen on News Feed tickers
  10. Data on post impressions (“impressions” are the number of times a post is displayed, whereas “reach” is the number of people that saw those posts)

Post-Level Data:

  1. Date and time an update was published
  2. The number of people who saw your post in a story from a friend
  3. The total number of impressions each post received
  4. The number of people who gave negative feedback on your post
  5. The number of people who hid your post
  6. The number of people who reported your post as spam
  7. The number of fans who saw your post
  8. The number times your post was displayed to fans
  9. The number of stories about your post by fans

How to Export Your Page Insights

You can export either Page-level or Post-level data from your Page Insights simply by clicking the Export button on the top-right corner of any of your Insights tabs, and selecting Page-level or Post-level data, the date range you wish to analyze, and the format for your export.

Insights data is not available before July 19, 2011.

What questions are you answering with Insights?