The Science Behind Viral Content

If you want to create “viral content,” you should watch videos like this one which has almost 20,000 views. 🙂

The truth about this video–and most viral content–is that no one knows why it goes viral, even though the common ingredients of viral content are well documented!

The Science Behind Viral Content

Scientific research on what makes content go viral has found that:

Viral Content Checklist

There’s also this amazing “viral checklist” from Carson Ward that you should post in your cubical:

  • — Did you sufficiently cover the topic? Is it long enough?
  • — Does the content inspire a high-energy emotion?
  • — Did your tone convey emotion?
  • — Is it useful?
  • — Is it interesting?
  • — Is it surprising?
  • — Does the author have credibility?
  • — If it’s supposed to be funny, is it actually funny? Are you sure your friends aren’t just being nice?

The fact that the answers to these questions are largely subjective complicates matters that much more! You see, human beings are infinitely complex and dynamic. The infinite part is the beautiful problem.

The Secret Behind Viral Content

The secret is that everyone is just as confused as you are. And yes, the experts are confused too (even though many won’t admit it).

What do you think?

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