Why Your Nonprofit Is Like Dog The Bounty Hunter

See that picture above? That’s your nonprofit.

When you look past the mullet, you’ll see a lot of similarities between this guy, you, and your nonprofit.

Dog: The Bounty Hunter works hard in a thankless job. Without begrudging it, he maintains a manic pace until he gets his fugitive.

You: You work harder than most people in some industries.

When he wins, he savers victory, just like you.

Man’s best friend

Dog: What’s truly amazing is the deep compassion he has for people who always hate to see his face. Maybe that’s why they call him Dog.

You: Compassionate work requires big heart, like the one that you put in your work.

Dog has a mission!

Dog: The dog has no doubt that he is changing peoples lives in a positive way–even the people he tracks down and captures. That doubt-free sense of mission drives him at a manic pace, almost to the point of complete exhaustion.

You: Every few weeks or months, that same sense of mission enables you to power through long nights after work, and on into the weekends. But hopefully you don’t get shot at work.

You’re not a millionaire

This is the only difference.

The dog probably gets a healthy amount of rest and relaxation. You’re not a millionaire, so enjoy just your upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. 🙂