3 Quick Facebook Page Tweaks to Increase Reach

Most of what you read about creating more reach for your Facebook Page either has to do with Facebook Ads or optimizing content. But don’t forget about these three settings that can also dramatically increase reach.

1. Turn On Posting Ability

Allowing Facebook users to post photos and videos to your page increases exposure to their friends.

For example, the friends of the Facebook users who’ve posted these photos of rabbits will see a story in their News Feed, exposing them to the National Wildlife Federation.

national wildlife - letting people post content

To allow others to post photos, videos, text updates and links to your page, click “Edit Settings” under the “Edit Page” menu item in your admin panel. Once you’re there, select both options, as shown below.

posting ability

2. Turn On Tagging

Let Facebook users tag themselves and their friends in photos you post to your Page.

This way when you post pictures from an event, you can invite your fans to tag themselves and their friends. Tagged friends (who may not be fans) are prompted to visit the photo and like the Page.

To turn tagging on, click “Edit Settings” under the “Edit Page” and then select tagging ability as shown below.

tagging ability

3. Turn On Replies

Allowing for threaded commenting helps create more engagement on posts in two ways:

  1. With notifications to users who’ve been replied to with a comment.
  2. With threaded comments that organize conversations better.

To turn threaded replies on, click “Edit Settings” under the “Edit Page” and then scroll down to select tagging ability (as shown below).

allow replies

Once this option is selected you’ll notice a second level of commenting within your Page updates.

Have you selected these options for your Page