Videos, Photos, Links and Text: Which Content Type is The Best?

No doubt you’ve asked this question at least once.

You’ve read the studies and you’ve seen the infographics about what content type to post on Facebook.

But you know that your community is NOT the 10,000 Facebook Pages used in whatever recent study that’s out there.

Your Facebook Page community is literally unique.

Which content type is best for my Page?

The great news is that Facebook Insights shows you which content type is performing best for your Page.

Under the “Posts” tab within insights, click on the “Post Types” tab (shown below).

post types report - facebook insights

In this example you can see that Status updates get the most reach, but photos get the most likes, comments and shares. If you’re looking for more reach you post more status updates, if you’re looking for more PTAT, you post photos.

But wait. What’s more important, reach or engagement?

A few months ago, Forrester published research showing how people overwhelmingly trust what their friends say about a brand. But they rarely trust what those brands say about themselves.

So you want engagement (that is likes, comments, and shares).

But don’t take my word for it.

Any honest Facebook marketer will admit that they fantasize about millions of people sharing their content. And while they might brag about reach to their boss, they certainly don’t fantasize about it.

So going back to this report, you’d be wise to focus on posting more awesome photos.

But simply posting photos is not enough. You have to post stories!

Post Stories, Not Just Content

A powerful story in a photo earns every one of those thousand words:

  • By making people take action.
  • By getting people angry.
  • By reenergizing volunteers.
  • By moving the needle.

Here are ten tips for creating photos that tell better stories.

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