How JugnooMe Can Help Nonprofits in Social Media

JugnooMe is a solution that provides nonprofits and fundraisers an series of tools to optimize and further their social presence. A couple weeks ago, I discussed how JugnooMe was providing great analysis and tips for my personal social media (which I run like a small business). I was so impressed by the solution that I asked JugnooMe VP of Product Intelligence and ace blogger Danny Brown how nonprofits and individual fundraisers could benefit from using it.

Here’s Danny’s top thoughts for nonprofits looking for help:

  1. Many non-profit organizations resist social media, or give up on it because they don’t have the time, resources, and knowledge to do it well. The Social Advisor guides and teaches along the way, providing a list of five tasks at any one time, answering the question, “What do I do next?”
  2. Analytics help you see which pages of your site are really working and help you decide which messaging needs changed, and improve your ability to catch donors and donations
  3. Social search allow non-profits to understand their audience and identify needs in certain demographics/communities. They can find brand ambassadors and potential donors.
  4. You won’t need different tools for different functions. Social search monitoring, reputation management, engagement, video and content creation, social commerce, and analytics are all under one “roof.”

The above video garnered 1,600 views. I made it after a suggestion from JugnooMe.

Some other ways nonprofits and fundraisers can use JugnooMe includes creating contests, and tracking engagement and activity for virtual pledge drive events like tweetathon. JugnooMe is free to use, and a great tool for those looking to up the ante on their social media programs.

What tools do you use to optimize your social media?