Beware Of These Three Horrific Facebook Zombies

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One of my favorite iOS games is Plants vs. Zombies. If you’re not familiar with it, the object is to plant the right combination and right amount of zombie-killing plants as they slowly lurch across your front lawn and towards your front door.

What I love about this game is that it combines strategy, quick thinking, and the will to live–all in the palm of your hands.

What does this iPhone game have to do with Facebook, you ask? Well, because you’re doing great work to change the world, I’m going to let you in on a secret that often not told in these parts.

Warning: Not For The Faint-Hearted…

It all started about three years ago when a friend working for a small nonprofit–very similar to your organization–began to promote their cause on Facebook.

He started posting every day about events and fundraisers, assuming that Facebook users would be just as passionate about their organization as he was. When that didn’t work, he bought Facebook ads targeting anyone and everyone who might be even remotely interested in their events and fundraisers.

After acquiring a measly amount of new fans for a lot of money, he tried mixing things up a bit by posting pictures of pandas and controversial pics found on Reddit.

And that’s when something went horribly wrong…

Without knowing it, the string of horrible posts actually cast the cryptic spell of the Three Facebook Zombies!

Three Facebook Zombies You Need To Know About

Wing-it Zombie–This Zombie runs rampant on Pages where there is no plan. No strategy. No understanding of an audience, and no clear goals. Having clear objectives is the only way to fend this little critter off.

Silo Zombie–This Zombie slowly devours Facebook Pages that are isolated from an organization’s other channels. This is more common in organizations that treat their Facebook Page as an afterthought. Infusing your Page with deep integration based on where and when supporters interact with your org is the essential double tap for this Flesher.

Boring Zombie–This Zombie sucks the life out of Pages that publish content that’s repetitive, benign completely uninteresting. Understanding what truly motivates your people is they key to stopping this Zombie.

I still don’t know what happened to my friend, and the Page has been removed by Facebook. But I was able to see his last update before everything turned bad.

He posted “Lord of the Flies unliked my Page!!!!”

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