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Entrepreneur Luca Pivato has a simple mission. Amidst all the online shopping sites, he’s convinced the world needs at least one cause shopping site where consumers can buy the things they want, at a great savings, and support the causes they love with each and every purchase.

That’s why Pivato started


With, businesses and nonprofits get their very own shopping pages. When customers buy an item, ten percent of the sale goes to a Recoup charity partner of their choice. They also have the option at checkout to donate a portion, or all their savings to the nonprofit.

The upside of Recoup to nonprofits is significant.

  • — Recoup builds the nonprofit a customized shop and profile. Nonprofits don’t have the expertise or experience to build their own shopping site. With Recoup, they don’t have to. Everything is done for them so they can focus on promoting the shop to their supporters, and raising money.
  • — Recoup populates the nonprofit’s shop with offers from its business partners. This saves nonprofits the hassle of finding their own business partners, and inking their own deals.
  • — Recoup opens the nonprofit and its shop to a broader audience. While Recoup encourages the nonprofit to promote its shop to supporters, Pivato says most sales come from his company’s promotion efforts–not the nonprofit’s.

“Nonprofits are amazing organizations that do wonderful work in the world,” said Pivato. “But they’re not skilled marketers, and they need our help to raise money from businesses in the most efficient and effective way possible. Recoup helps them do that.”

Nonprofits Like Recoup

Nonprofits like Recoup because they can focus their energies on changing the world with the support of businesses instead of building a shopping site and cold-calling for partners.

“We got our first check from Recoup for $758.00,” wrote Goodwill of Greater Washington D. C. “Not pocket change as far as we’re concerned when it comes to online fundraising. We’re very grateful to Recoup and the businesses and shoppers who choose to support us.”

Businesses like Recoup because it’s a turnkey cause solution that makes it easy for them to give back to their communities, and reap the rewards of the cause-conscious consumer. Recoup will even match the business with a cause that fits its target demographic.

Recoup’s commitment to sales is as strong as its social mission to make the world a better place. No margin, no mission. And the consumer is the big winner.

Everyone’s a Winner

First, consumers get to spend their time on a gorgeous website that features stunning images that are as colorful and inspiring as the causes Recoup supports.

Second, consumers know exactly how much of each sale benefits the nonprofit. Recoup is perfect for the consumer that’s tired of buying products that say, “A percentage of the proceeds from sales will benefit local causes.” Wait . . . what percentage? From each sale or from total sales? Which local causes?

Each item on Recoup clearly states which charity it supports, and how much it will receive. You can learn more about the nonprofit on a profile page.

If you’d rather choose another nonprofit to benefit from your purchase, you can do it right on he spot. Happy to donate more? You can do that at checkout, and earn yourself a tax-deduction.

Right now, Recoup is working with local causes in four markets: Washington, DC, New York City, Baltimore, and Miami. If your nonprofit is in one of these cities, Recoup would love to hear from you.

“The key is that nonprofits recognize the value and opportunity that an online cause shopping site such as Recoup offers,” Pivato explained. “Nonprofits, businesses and consumers can do great things together. Recoup is where good shopping becomes shopping for good.”

8 thoughts on “Recoup is Revitalizing Online Cause Shopping”

  1. From what i can tell, it’s a win-win-win. nBusinesses get new customers while supporting important causes. nConsumers save money while supporting their favorite causes. nNon-profits receive exposure and funding.nnnAwesome!

  2. Great idea! Just forwarded the link to our Dev Director to see if we can get signed up. Joe, thank you for introducing us to another great way to fundraise and spread our message!

  3. I have to say that this is the only online sales model that has a chance at thriving. Joe is right, there is a site for everything already, except this!nnI just wish that recoup had more items and more choices. But it will probably come as they grow.nnWho are the investors?

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