5 Ways to Capture More Emails on Your Website

Did you know that on average, email lists for nonprofits are shrinking?

If this is the case with your nonprofit, there are many ways to fix this problem, including how you capture emails on your website.

Here are five ways to capture more emails:

1. In the sidebar

Add a capture form to the sidebar of every single page inside the site (don’t worry about the homepage).

2. On a separate landing page

Create a single page within the site for your email newsletter.On this page, you want to answer questions like “How often do I get an email?” and “What’s in it for me?”. Finally, remove the sidebar on this page. This way visitors will have less distractions when joining your email list.

3. On an eBook download page

Create a page single page on your website with a graphic representation of your e-book (like on this page) and a brief summary about what the reader is going to get from reading the eBook. Be super specific and use bullet points to outline the tactical “meat” inside the e-book. Also, remove the sidebar on this page.

4. In the footer

You can also put a small form in the footer of the site. This location is almost like having a gentle “P.S .” on your website. They’ve scrolled your site from top to bottom, and may have even seen another sign-up form. But once they get to the bottom they’re reminded again to join if they haven’t yet.

5. At the end of blog posts

Once someone has finished reading an amazing blog post, they’ll want more. A capture form at the end of a blog post takes advantage of these moments!

Bonus Tip: Test and Measure

Wherever you decide to put an opt-in form, make sure you measure how well that location converts new subscribers. Most email marketing tools will show you conversion rates for each webform (subscribers / unique impressions).

Where else would you put a capture form?

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