5 Creative Ways To Thank Your Facebook Fans

It’s easy to think about thanking your Facebook fans as something that’s nice to do–if you have the time and are in the mood. But saying thanks is a vital part of your success on Facebook.

When you think about it, you actual owe a huge debt of gratitude to your fans for spreading awareness about your cause each day! When they comment, like, and share your updates, their friends are reminded again and again of the great work you’re doing.

Your debt is even greater during your campaigns because they are taking the extra time and effort to sign a petition or donate, and then return to Facebook to share that action with their friends!

Beyond the moral debt you owe to your Facebook fans, thanking your supporters will actually increase your fanbase and revenue in the long term.

But how do you thank your Facebook fans in ways that are sincere and meaningful? Below are six ways to say thank you that they’ll notice.

1. With Cover Photos

Fans notice cover photos–especially when you feature your fans. Check out what Beth Kanter did to tell her fans how special they are.

You can also switch things up by thanking specific fans in a cover photo and even tell them why you appreciate them!

In addition to cover images for your Page, you can also honor your fans by creating a set of awesome cover images that they can use on their profile. Check out the cover photos for fans that Best Friends Animal Society created.

2. With Video

Nothing conveys sincerity more than video. And with iPhones and androids, video is now easier to create than ever.

One of my favorite apps is the video camera from i4software. This app allows you to create hi-def videos at 1280 X 720 resolution with your iPhone.

A few tips to make your video more personal:

  1. Look directly in the camera lens but imagine that you’re looking into the eyes of a specific donor.
  2. Talk about them–not you or your organization. Tell them what they’ve done by supporting your organization.
  3. Shoot in a room well lit with natural light.

3. With a Birthday Ad

Facebook ads allow you to target people who like your Page on or before their birthday. Your ad could simply say “Happy Birthday! You remembered us, so how could we forget you?!”

4. With a Hand-Written Card

If you’ve acquired emails and donors from your Facebook Page, you have the ability to create a list of names and addresses. This gets easier and more meaningful with tools like Profile Builder from Small Act.

Take an hour each week to send a hand-written card to a few people who’ve commented on some of your latest Page updates. You might even take a screen grab of the post and include it in your note of thanks!

5. With Your Heart

Make it a habit to be present on your Page, to be a trusted member of the community. Very soon you’ll develop a heart of gratitude towards people who quite often are the unsung heroes of your cause. Let them know that you take notice of what they do.

Bottom line with any of these approaches is the sincerity of the gesture, which I’ve mentioned a few times. Always go back to this prime point regardless of how fancy you get with tactics and sparkly gifts.

Have you thanked your Facebook fans lately?